Portugal Startup Scene | September 2020

Originally published at https://www.pedroalmeidavc.com on October 4, 2020.

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Funding round

Startup: Didimo (https://mydidimo.com/)

Amount: €1M

TAGs: B2B, 3D Technology, Software, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gaming

Investors: Armilar Venture Partners, Bright Pixel and 200M

Startup: Sciven (http://www.sciven.com/)

Amount: €300k

TAGs: B2B, Energy

Investors: Vega Ventures

Startup: Digital Manager Guru (https://digitalmanager.guru/)

Amount: €200k

TAGs: B2B, SalesTech

Investors: Portugal Ventures

Startup: IonSeed (https://ionseed.eu/)

Amount: €100k

TAGs: B2B, Energy

Investors: Vega Ventures

Startup: Legal Vision (https://www.legalvisionpro.fr/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, LegalTech

Investors: Portugal Ventures

Startup: MindProber (https://www.mindproberlabs.com/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, platform, saas, automated technology, analytics, testing, automated, process, back office, neuroscience

Investors: Portugal Ventures

Startup: RetailEye (https://retaileye.pt/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, Marketplace

Investors: Core Angels

Startup: PackIOT (https://packiot.com/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, Internet of things

Investors: GSS

Startup: Clever Meals (https://blog.clevermeals.co/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, FoodTech

Investors: Three51

Update to previously reported data

  • Totally missed the €12.5M round last month of Bizay / 360imprimir. Investors: Pathena, Omnes Capital, 200m, Indico Capital Partners, LeadX Capital Partners, Iberis Capital
  • EDP Ventures also participated in Probely round. The round size was €500k
  • Core Angels also participated in Kit AR, Visor.ai/Jesbee, TotalCross Global Mobile Platform, Landing.Jobs and Shiptmize financial rounds

International funding rounds participated by Portuguese investors



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