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Pedro Almeida
4 min readMay 11, 2020


Originally published at https://www.pedroalmeidavc.com on May 11, 2020.

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  • As always, I am open for business. Made 1 investment last month, not yet public (though having difficulties in keeping it to myself, as I am very excited about it)
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Funding rounds

Startup: DefinedCrowd (https://www.definedcrowd.com/)

Amount: 50.5M$

TAGs: B2B, Artificial Intelligence, Data Center, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Software

Investors: SemapaNext, Hermes GPE Evolution, Equity Partners, edp ventures, Kibo Ventures, Portugal Ventures, Bynd, EDP Ventures, IronFire Ventures, Amazon Alexa Fund, Sony Innovation Fund and Mastercard

Startup: Zenklub (https://zenklub.com.br/)


TAGs: Health Care, Internet, Psychology, MarketplaceB2B, Food Delivery, Software, Food

Investors: Indico Capital, All Iron, 200M and Brazilian Business Angels

Startup: 20tree.ai (https://www.20tree.ai/)

Amount: 1.5M$

TAGs: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Software, Forest

Investors: Unknown

Startup: Eucalipsus Um, Lda.

Amount: 1.3M€

Investors: Growth Partners Capital

Startup: Sensefinity (https://www.sensefinity.com)

Amount: 1.2M€

TAGs: B2B, Internet of Things, Logistics, Supply chain, Blockchain

Investors: LC Ventures

Startup: Kitch (https://eatkitch.com/)

Amount: 1M€

TAGs: B2B, Food Delivery, Software, Food

Investors: Seedcamp, Mustard Seed Maze, Keys Asset Management, João Cepeda (Time Out Market), Cleo Sham (Spotahome) and Antonio Costanzo (EMMAC Life Sciences)

Startup: WeChangers (https://www.wechangers.org/en)

Amount: 1M€

TAGs: B2B, Social, Impact

Investors: Fundo para a Inovação Social, Regenerative Investment, BOMA Investments and Fundo Bem Comum FCR

Startup: Virtual Power Solutions (https://www.vps.energy/)

Amount: 1M€

TAGs: B2B, Energy efficiency

Investors: LC Ventures

Startup: Agroop (https://www.agroop.net)

Amount: 682k€

TAGs: B2B, AgTech, Big Data, Farming, Internet of Things, Software

Investors: Fundo para a Inovação Social and Unknown International

Startup: TotalCross Global Mobile Platform (https://totalcross.com/)

Amount: 200k€

TAGs: Developer Tools, Information Services, Mobile, Software

Investors: LC Ventures

Startup: Jesbee (http://www.jesbee.com/)

Amount: 158k€

TAGs: B2C, Coupons, Messaging, Mobile, Mobile Advertising

Investors: LC Ventures

Startup: BRIDGE IN (https://www.bridgein.pt/)

Amount: 100k€

Investors: Unknown international

Startup: Dashdash (https://dashdash.com/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, Internet, Productivity Tools, Software, Web Apps, Web Design, Web Development, Low code

Investors: Armilar Venture Partners

Startup: Replay (https://www.replai.io/)

Amount: Unknown

TAGs: B2B, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Video

Investors: Ideias Glaciares

Originally published at https://www.pedroalmeidabusinessangel.com on May 11, 2020.



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