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Pedro Almeida
1 min readNov 9, 2015


As Carlos E. Espinal from Seedcamp says in his most recent book “fundraising field guide” (check it here), fundraising is liking dating . Thus entrepreneurs should spend sometime getting to know investors.

To help Portuguese based entrepreneurs understanding the investors’ landscape and finding the right match I have created a google sheet with Funds, Fund Managers and Business Angels Associations that have a particular interest in Portugal.

Whenever publicly available, I have included social media presence (Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, AngelList profile, etc.) and other relevant information (e.g., direct email, location, etc.).

Google sheet: Portuguese Ecosystem — Investors

In more detail, in the google sheet you can find >40 investment funds, ~30 Portuguese based funds and the remaining international, >100 investment professionals, ~20 Business Angels Associations and 1 equity crowdfunding platform.

In case:

  • Is something missing or incorrect on the data base? PM me.
  • Do you want to help entrepreneurs and co-update the google sheet? PM me and I will grant you access.

Good luck with the fundraising,

Pedro Almeida
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